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Saturday, 1 April 2023

IGNOU MCS-024 term-end exam notes, upcoming guess papers, important questions free download

IGNOU BCA forth semester, MCA second semester, PGDCA MCS-024 term-end exam notes, upcoming guess papers, important questions, questions papers, important questions and old/previous year paper, questions with solutions free download. IGNOU BCA/MCA all semester new revised (1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester and 6th semester) term-end exam notes, study materials, important questions, books/blocks, previous years paper, upcoming guess paper (June-December) free download.
IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-024 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

TECHNOLOGIES AND JAVA PROGRAMMING) books/block, term-end exam notes, upcoming guess paper, important questions, study materials, previous year papers download.

S. No.

                                Topic with Solutions


Basic Concepts


Controls and Arrays


Inheritance and Polymorphic


Packages, Interfaces and Exception


Multi threaded Programming


Applet and Events


Networking And JDBC


File Handling and String




Term Definition




Old/Previous years papers with solutions (June 2014 to Dec 2018)


Guess Questions




1. (a) What is object oriented programming ? How is it different from structured programming ? Explain advantages of using object oriented programming.
(b) Explain why is Java called platform independent language ?
(c) What is abstraction ? Explain why classes in OOP, known as abstract data types.
(d) What is Java applet ? How is it different from Java application program ?
(e) Explain any five interfaces of the Java IO package.
(f) What is Exception ? Explain how exceptions are handled in Java. Write a Queue class that throws an exception when the Queue is full. Display exception message as "Queue is full".
(g) Explain the Java RMI architcuture with the help of a diagram.

2. (a) What is multithreading ? Explain the steps for creating thread in Java. Also, explain different predefined thread priorities in Java.
(b) Write a Java Program which takes two 3 x 3 matrices as input and find sum of the two matrices ? Define constructor for initializing matrix objects.

3. (a) Write a Java program that reads the contents of a text file and counts the number of white spaces, number of characters,number of words, number of semicolons in the contents. Print the output of program on standard output.
(b) Write a Java program to find factorial of a number.
(c) What is inheritance ? Explain with an example how is multiple inheritance achieved in Java ?

4. (a) Write a Java program to setup JDBC and execute an SQL statement on a database table 'BOOK', with the fields BOOK_ISBN,BOOK_AUTH, BOOK_PRICE, BOOK_PUBL.
The SQL statement should find the BOOK_AUTH and BOOK_PRICE of the Book having ISBN = 235001.
(b) What is Polymorphism ? Explain advantage of polymorphism with an example of managing different types of Bank Accounts.

5. (a) What is Java Bean ? Explain its advantages.
(b) What is String Class in Java ? Write a program to insert a substring in the middle of a string. (Do not use methods of string class)
(c) What is layout manager ? Explain any two layouts in Java briefly.
(d) Differentiate between overloading and overriding with the help of suitable example.


1. (a) Define the concept of inheritance. Explain the advantage of inheritance with the help of an example.
(b) What is classpath ? Explain the use of classpath in Java programming.
(c) What is multithreading ? How is thread synchronization implemented in Java ?
Explain with an example.
(d) What is an event in GUI programming ? Explain different components of an event.
(e) What is inner class ? Explain whether inner class is secure and useful. Justify your answer.
(f) What is final keyword ? Explain different uses of final in Java.
(g) What is exception ? Explain difference between checked and unchecked exceptions with an example of each.

2. (a) Differentiate the following, with the help of example :
(i) Application and Applet
(ii) Structure Approach and Object Oriented Approach
(iii) String and String Buffer
(iv) Abstract Class and Interface
(b) Write a class complex to represent complex numbers, with suitable constructor and function to find the sum of two complex numbers.

3. (a) What is StreamTokenizer ? Explain the different instance variables defined in StreamTokenizer. Also, explain use of StreamTokenizer with the help of an example.
(b) "Java is architecture neutral, secure and distributed programming language."Justify the statement.
(c) What is private access specifier ? Explain with an example, how it is different from public and protected access specifiers.

4. (a) What is finalize( ) method in Java. Give an example to demonstrate its use.
(b) Define package in Java. Explain the need of 'user created package' in Java. Also,explain the procedure of creating a package in Java.
(c) What is the difference between throw and throws keywords used in Java ? Explain with an example.
(d) Explain use of super keyword in Java, with an example.

5. (a) What is stateless protocol ? Is HTTP a stateless protocol ? What are the various ways through which you can maintain the `State' while using HTTP ?
(b) Differentiate between TCP client and TCP server socket with the help of an example.
(c) What is RMI ? Explain advantages of using RMI.

(d) Briefly explain the life cycle of a servlet.


1. (a) What is Class ? How does it accomplish Data Hiding ? Explain with an example.
(b) State any three differences between AWT and Swing components.
(c) Explain the concept of Inheritance and Polymorphism with an example of each.
(d) What do you mean by serialization ? What is the common usage of serialization ?
(e) What are cookies and session variables and where do we use them ?
(f) Write a Java program to read text from keyboard and write it to a file called `MyText.txt'.
(g) Explain any five basic features of Java in brief.

2. (a) Differentiate between the following terms with examples :
(i) Structured Programming and Object Oriented Programming
(ii) Data Abstraction and Encapsulation
(iii) length and length( )
(iv) Class and Object
(b) What are the two methods to create threads ? Explain them with a suitable example.

3. (a) What is RMI ? How can you create stub and skeleton ? Write the steps involved.
(b) Write a program to read the content of the file `MyDoc.doc' and display it on console.
(c) What is exception ? Explain the basic causes of exception. Write a Java program to explain how exceptions are handled.

4. (a) Write a Java program to create a Shape class. Derive Circle and Square classes from it. Define constructor for these three classes.
(b) Explain the different steps in the life cycle of an applet.
(c) What is a package ? Develop a Java package with simple queue and stack class.

5. (a) What is Servlet ? Explain how session handling is performed in Servlet programming.
(b) What is an Interface ? Write a Java program to show how a class implements two interfaces.
(c) What is String class ? How is it different from StringBuffer class ? Write a Java program to find the length of a given string.

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