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Wednesday 25 March 2020

IGNOU B.A/BDP, books/blocks,study materials,syllabus free download

IGNOU B.A/BDP all years (1st,2nd,3rd) books/blocks,study materials,syllabus, free download (july-january).

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BSHF-101/FHS-01 (Foundation Course Humanities & Social Sciences)  Soon...

FST-01 (Foundation Course in Science and Technology)    

FEG-01 (Foundation Course in English)  

FHD-02 (Foundation Course in Hindi-2)  

FEG-02 (English)   


BEGE-101 (From Language to Literature)   

EEG-02 (The Structure of Modern English)   

EEG-03 (Communication Skills in English)  

EEG-04 (English for Practical Purposes)    

EEG-05 (Understanding Prose)  

EEG-06 (Understanding Poetry)   

EEG-07 (Understanding Drama)  

EEG-08 (Reading the Novel)  


EHD-01 (Hindi Gadya)  

EHD-02 (Hindi Kavya)  

EHD-03 (Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas evam Shaitya Parichay)  

EHD-04 (Madhyakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskrit)  

EHD-05 (Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya: Navjagaran aur Rashtriya Chetna)  

EHD-06 (Hindi Bhasha: Itihas aur Vartman)   

EHD-07 (Hindi samrachna)  

Political Science

EPS-11 (Political Ideas and Ideologies)  

EPS-12 (Government & Politics in India)  

EPS-03 (Modern India Political Thought)  

EPS-15 (South Asia: Economy Society)  

EPS-06 (Government & Politics in East)  

EPS-07 (International Relations)  

EPS-08 (Government and Politics in Australia)  

EPS-09 (Comparative Government and Politics)  


EHI-1 (Modern India 1857-1964)  

EHI-2 (India: Earliest Times to 8 th Century A.D)  

EHI-3 (India Form 8 th to 15 th Century A.D)  

EHI-4 (India From 16 th to Mid 18 th Century A.D)  

EHI-05 (India from Mid 18 th to Mis 19 th Century)  

EHI-06 (History of China and Japan 1840-1949)  

EHI-07 (Modern Europe: Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century)  

Public Administration

EPA-1 (Administrative Theory) 

BPAE-102 (Indian Administration)  

EPA-3 (Development Administration)  

EPA-4 (Personnel Administration)  

EPA-5 (Financial Administration)  

EPA-6 (Public Policy)  


ESO-11 (The Study of Society)  

ESO-12 (Society in India)  

ESO-13 (Sociological Thought)  

ESO-14 (Society and Stratification) 

ESO-15 (Society and Religion)  

ESO-16 (Social Problems in India)  


BPY-001 (India Philosophy: Part 1)  

BPY-002 (Logic: Classical and symbolic)  

BPY-003 (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy)  

BPY-004 (Religions of the World)  

BPY-005 (India Philosophy: Part-2)  

BPY-006 (Metaphysics) BPY-006 (Metaphysics)  

BPY-007 (Ethics)  

BPY-008 (Modern Western Philosophy)   

BPY-009 (Contemporary Western Philosophy)

BPY-010 (Epistemology)  

BPY-011 (Philosophy of Human Persons)  

BPY-012 (Philosophy of Science and Cosmology)  

BPYE-1 (Philosophy of Religion)  

BPYE-2 (Tribal and Dalit Philosophy)  


BECE-002 (India Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives)  

BECE-015 (Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economic Decelopment)  

BECE-016 (Economic Development Comparative)  

EEC-10 (National Income Accounting)  

EEC-11 (Fundamentals of economics)  

EEC-13 (Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques)  

EEC-07 (Industrial Development)EEC-07 (Industrial Development)  

EEC-14 (Agricultural Development in India)  


AFW-(E) (Feature Writing)  

AWR-(E) (Writing for Radio)  

BHDA-101 (Samachar Lekhan aur Feature)  

ATR-1 (Translation)  

ACS-1 (Consumer Studies- ACS-1)  

CTE-03 (Teaching English)  

CTE-04 (Teaching English(Elementary School))  

CTE-05 (Teaching English (Secondary School))  

BCOA-001 (Business Communication and Enterperneurship)  

APM-1 (Integrated Pest Management)  

AEC-1 (Environment Chemistry)  

AST-01 (Teaching of primary School Mathematics)  

AED-1 (Export Procedures and Documentation)