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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

IGNOU MCA MCS-032 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

IGNOU BCA/MCA all semester new revised (1st semester,2nd semester,3rd semester,4th semester,5th semester and 6th semester) solved assignments,term-end exam notes,study materials,important questions,books/blocks (June-December) free download.
IGNOU MCA MCS-032 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

IGNOU MCA MCS-032 3rd semester term-end examination (OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN) books/block,term-end exam notes,upcoming guess paper,important questions,study materials,previous year papers download.


1. (a) Draw a state diagram for the submission of an examination form. Following are some of the considerations :
(i) All the assignments pertaining to the semester needs to be submitted within the due date.
(ii) Demand draft for all the courses to be approved need to be taken (@ Rs.60/- per course).
(iii) Examination form need to be filled up.
(iv) It should be verified by the Study Centre Coordinator.
(v) The attested form should be submitted to the Regional centre concerned.
(b) Draw a component diagram for an ATM.
(c) With the help of illustration for each, explain the following w.r.t. Decomposition :
(i) Process-oriented decomposition
(ii) Object-oriented decomposition
(d) Describe the factors that contributes to the "Design Optimization".

2. (a) Draw a D.F.D. for "Library Management System at any Regional Centre of IGNOU".
Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. Draw the DFD's till level -2.
(b) Discuss the following w.r.t. the unidirectional Implementation in a class diagram :
(i) Optional Association
(ii) Associations with multiplicity

3. (a) Draw an object model for the payment process involved in a sales order system.Conventional notation for diagram should be followed.
(b) Explain, with the help of a diagram extended to three schema architecture for object models.

4. (a) Draw a collaboration diagram for the Inventory Control System.
(b) Explain how the integrity constraints are applied in the Object Oriented Model.

5. Write short notes on any four of the following :
(a) Advantages and disadvantages of GOAD
(b) Metaclass and metadata
(c) Mapping Generalizations to tables
(d) Deployment diagram
(e) Composite States


1. (a) A general store wants to automate its inventory . It has points of sales terminals that can record all of the items and the respective quantities, that a customer purchased. It has another terminal in the
loading dock to handle arriving shipments from suppliers. It has one more terminal to enter losses due to spoilage. Referring to above scenario, perform following tasks :
(i) Find out list of objects
(ii) Draw Class diagram
(iii) Draw Object diagram
(iv) Draw Usecase diagram
(Note : Make assumptions, wherever necessary)
(b) Explain basic implementation strategy for a state chart giving an example.
(c) Give two disadvantages of both, structured analysis and object oriented analysis approach.
(d) Explain the steps the designer should take to adjust inheritance , in an object oriented design with an example.
(e) What are associations ? How can we implement them in C++/Java? Explain with suitable example /code.

2. (a) Prepare an event trace diagram for withdrawing, checking balance and transferring money in the bank using ATM card.
(b) What is object oriented modelling ? Why it is scalable ? Explain the role of message passing in object oriented system.

3. (a) Prepare a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for computing the volume and surface area of a cylinder. Inputs are height and radius of the cylinder. Outputs are volume and surface area. Discuss the different ways to implement the DFD.
(b) What do you mean by good software design ? How you will identify that the object oriented design of a software is good or bad ? How does software design influence the implementation part ? Give suitable example in support of your answer.

4. (a) What is the need of design optimization in object oriented system ? Explain the various ways through which object oriented system be made efficient.
(b) Prepare an instance diagram for the expression (X+Y/2)(X/3+Y). Paranthesis are used in the expression for grouping but are not needed in the diagram.
(c) What do you mean by object ID ? What are its advantages ?

5. (a) What is concurrency ? Explain the issues  involved in identifying the concurrency in a system with an example.
(b) Explain the steps involved in implementing persistence in object oriented system.
(c) Briefly describe the following :
(i) Different models in UML
(ii) Association and its types
(iii) Multiplicity and its types


1. (a) Explain the ternary association with the help of an example.
(b) Explain the Object Oriented System development approach in brief.
(c) A simple digital watch has a display and two buttons : A Button and B Button. The watch has two modes of operation, display time and set time. In the display time mode, hours and minutes are displayed,separated by a flashing colon. The set time mode has two sub-modes, set hours and set
minutes. The A button is used to select modes. Each time it is pressed, the mode advances in the sequence : display, set hours, set minutes, display, etc. Within the sub-modes, the Button B is used to advance the hours or minutes once each time it is pressed. Buttons must be released before they can generate another event.
(i) Draw a class diagram.
(ii) Draw a state diagram.
(iii) Draw a use case diagram.
(iv) Draw a sequence diagram.
(v) Identify the states and transitions.
(d) Draw a component diagram for the library system.

2. Differentiate between the following :
(i) Actors and Stakeholders
(ii) Multiple Inheritance and Multilevel Inheritance
(iii) Structured Analysis and Object Oriented Analysis
(iv) Encapsulation and Information Hiding
(v) Aggregation and Generalization

3. (a) Define the following terms, giving at least one example of each :
(i) Polymorphism
(ii) Object Oriented Database
(iii) Code Reusability
(iv) Date Abstraction
(b) Enumerate the properties of a well  tructured use case, with the help of an example.
(c) The cellular network must place the phone call correctly, and also schedule the receiving calls and conference calls.. Draw a class diagram for cellular network.

4. (a) Explain how activity diagrams are designed in an object oriented approach.Also draw an activity diagram for E-mail encryption.
(b) Explain concurrency with synchronization,in dynamic modeling, using a suitable example.

5. (a) What is the UML notation for the following. Explain briefly.
(i) Interface
(ii) Aggregation
(b) What is the advantage of two-way association over one-way association ? Explain with the help of an example.
(c) What do you understand by the term Association ? Justify that the "Aggregation relation is a special form of Association relationship".

IGNOU MCA MCS-032 3rd semester term-end examination (OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN) term-end exam notes Download  

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