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IGNOU BCA MCA MCS-011 term-end exam notes, upcoming guess papers, important questions free download

IGNOU BCA second, MCA first semester MCS 011 term-end exam notes, upcoming guess papers, important questions free download. Previous years, old paper with solutions download.
IGNOU BCA, MCA, PGDCA MCS-011 Term-End Exam notes/important questions, guess paper with solutions/solved. IGNOU BCA/MCA all semester new revised (1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester and 6th semester) solved assignments,term-end exam notes,study materials, important questions, books/blocks (June-December) free download.

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-011 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

MCS-011 Important Questions and topic with solutions. Old/Previous paper with solutions (June 2014 to june 2019)




Problem Solving


Data Type and Operators


Variable and Operator


Decision and Looping Control








Structure and Union




Macros and Pre-processor



Old/Previous paper with solutions (June 2014 to june 2019)


June 2014 to June 2019 with solutions


Guess Questions


IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-011 2nd semester Term-End Examination (PROBLEM SOLVING AND PROGRAMMING) books/block, term-end exam notes, upcoming guess paper, important questions, exam study materials, previous year papers download.


1. (a) Write an algorithm and draw corresponding flowchart to calculate the factorial of a given number.
(b) Using recursion, generate 'n' terms of fibonacci series (n > 0).
(c) Using file handling, create a file, insert some characters and count them.
(d) Using pointers concept, reverse a given string.

2. (a) Write a program to find the string length without using strlen () function.
(b) Write a program using C to calculate the Net salary if the basic, TA, DA, allowances and deductions are given, using structures concept.

3. (a) What is the use of continue statement ? Explain with an example.
(b) Explain any four string functions with example for each.
(c) How will you write a function with no arguments and with return value ? Give an

4. (a) Write a program to swap two values, using cell-by-value method.
(b) Write a program in C to multiply two matrices A and B.

5. (a) Write a macro to display the string COBOL in the following pattern.
(b) Define a macro to find maximum among of 3 given numbers using # ifdef, # else.


1. (a) Design an algorithm and draw a corresponding flow chart and write a C program to divide two numbers.
(b) What are the rules for naming variables in C?
(c) Write a program to search in an already created file "xyz.dat" which contains students' data and update it.Hint : Use file handling concept.
(d) Write a program to calculate the first smallest divisor of a number using break statement.
(e) Write a program in C to swap the values of two variables using pointers concept.

2. (a) Write a program that initialises 3 names in an array of strings and displays them.
(b) What is call by value ? Give example.
(c) Explain recursion program with a suitable example.

3. (a) Write a program to print first 10 even numbers using goto statement.
(b) Explain Function Prototypes with an example for each.
(c) Write a program to perform the comparison of two strings (use string function).

4. (a) Write a program in C to sort list of n integers, using any of the sorting algorithms.
(b) Write a program to test whether the given string is a palindrome or not.

5. (a) Write a macro to demonstrate #define, #if,#else preprocessor commands.
(b) Write a C program using fread() and fwrite() to create a file of records and then read and print the same file.


1. What is a string? Write a function in C for string concatenation. Without the use of inbuilt string  function.
2. What is a structure? Explain how a structure is declared in C. Write a program in C using structure
     to store records of students in a class of 20 students.
3. What is syntax error? Give an example of syntax error in a C - program.
4. Explain different arithmetical and logical operators available in C, with the help of examples.
5. Explain the use of malloc function in C programming.

6. What is an array? Write a C program to add two matrices of 3 x 3 using arrays.
7. Write a C program to demonstrate the use of switch - case statement.
8. What is recursion ? Write a recursive C program to find the factorial of a given a. number.
9. Write a macro to demonstrate : #define, #if, #else preprocessor commands.
10. Write a program in 'C' to find 12 +32+ 52+ 72 +92+........ +N2
11. Write a macro for the following :
    a. to find largest number among 3 given numbers.
    b. to find cube of a given number.
12. Develop an algorithm, draw the corresponding flow chart and write a program in 'C' to print the  sum of the digits of a three digit number.
13. Write a program that does not use the inbuilt string function to perform the following :
     i. To compare two strings
    ii. To concatenate two strings
14. Summarize the purpose of the format strings (like %s, %d, %c) that are corrunonly used within the printf function, with an example for each.


1. (a) Explain the different storage classes in 'C' programming language.
(b) What is the difference between "while-do" and "do-while" loop ?
(c) Design a flowchart and then write a program in 'C' to convert a given complete string to upper case.
(d) What do you mean by "array of pointers" ? Write a program in 'C' to calculate the sum of the corresponding elements of two arrays of integers of same size.
(e) List and explain the precedence of Arithmetic, Logical and Relational operators in 'C'.

2. (a) What is the difference between '&' and '&&' in 'C' ? Explain with an example.
(b) Write a loop that calculates the sum of n elements of the following series :
1 + 4 + 7 + 10 + 13 ....
Use the loop during programming in the following two different ways :
(i) Using while loop
(ii) Using do-while loop
(c) What do you mean by scope of a variable ? Differentiate between global and local variables giving an example of each.

3. (a) Write a program in 'C', using structures to generate a report for n students which displays the Roll No., Class, Subjects, Marks, Tc•tal, Grade, etc. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary.
(b) Write a program in 'C' to print the following output 'n' rows. For example, if n = 3, the following should be output by the program :
                     1 2 1
                  1 2 3 2 1
                     1 2 1
4. (a) Explain the meaning and usage of each of the following function prototypes :
(i) getch( )
(ii) strcmp() )
(iii) getchar() )
(iv) gets( )
(v) puts( )
(b) Write a program to multiply 2 matrices of size 3 x 3.

5. (a) A 'C' program contains the following declaration :
int arr [3] [2] = {{3, 1}, { 4, 1}, {3, 2)); What is the meaning of the following :
(i) * (arr+1)
(ii) *(*(arr)+2)+1
(iii) * *(arr)+1)
(iv) arr
(v) (*(arr)+1)+1



1. Write a program in 'C' to compute the series :
    (a) (x) + (x + n) + (x + n2) + (x + n3) + for a total of m terms. Where m, n and x are to be accepted        by the user.
    (b) 1+5+11+17........n
2. What is an assignment operator? Give example of its usage.
3. What is a pointer to an array? Differentiate it from an array of pointers. Write a program using  pointer to array to calculate the sum of n given numbers.
4. Implement Binary search in 'C' language.
5. Write and explain the action of ‘WHILE’ statement. Develop a program to compute the average of every 3rd integer lying between 1 and 100.
6. How are arrays processed in ‘C’? Illustrate with the help of 2-D arrays as examples.
7. Give syntax of gets ( ) and getch ( ) ? Also give examples of usage of scanf ( ) and Printf().
8. Is said that 'C' is a middle level language. Mention those features of 'C' which enables this description. Give a short note on the compilation process in 'C'.
9. Define 'pointers' in C. How is a Pointer variable declared? Give examples and explain.
10. What is an algorithm? Explain basic features of an algorithm.
11. Write a C program to check whether a given string is a palindrome or not.
12. Write a program to find out whether the given character is lower case or not.
13. Write a program in 'C' to check whether the given is leap or not. Also explain the logic of the program.
14. Write a 'C' program to find whether a given five digits number is a palindrome.

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-011 2nd semester Term-End Examination (PROBLEM SOLVING AND PROGRAMMING) term-end exam notes Download   

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