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"Tax Information System" ASP.NET project for Ignou BCA, MCA download | Ignou Study Helper

IGNOU BCA, MCA "Tax Information System" project download in ASP.NET language. This project for BCA 6th semester and MCA 4th and 6th semester. We Provided IGNOU BCA, MCA, 4th semester mini project (MCSP-044), 5th semester (BCSP-064), 6th semester project (MCSP-060) and also provided and project. You can easily download from our site Ignou Study Helper : Sunil Poonia. IGNOU BCA, MCA, BA, BAG, MCOM, BCOM etc all semester new revised solved assignments hindi-english medium, projects, term-end exam notes, study materials, important questions, books/blocks (June-December) free download. Solved assignment ignou. IGNOU Study Helper Sunil Poonia Project, Synopsis, Report, New Solved Assignment download. Solved assignment of ignou.

Tax Information System IGNOU BCA MCA Project free download

The main aim of
  our project is to prepare a Tax summary or Tax Returns of a client. In Tax Information system System, a client registers himself enters all the details and uploads  various Documents that are necessary for preparation of Tax Summary and Schedules for an interview after successful submission  of all the documents. After all the procedures are completed  Tax Returns  or Tax summary is prepared for all the clients by the admin who calls the clients and arranges an interview for discussing various issues regarding Tax summary.

 Once the client pays the amount for preparation of Tax Summary he can download the PDF format of his Tax Summary.

This project is composed of two main modules which also includes many sub modules.

1.     Client module
2.     Admin module

Hardware requirement 
§  486 Processor ( a Pentium based computer)
§  32MB of RAM
§  About 150MB of free Hard-Drive space
§  Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Windows98/Windows95 with TCP/IP Networking support properly installed and configured.
§  A web server that supports ASP 2.0
§   A Database that supports ODBC (Such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server).
§  Microsoft Visual interDev 6.0
Software specifications
§ windows 2000 server/professional of above
§ .Net Framework 2.0
§  Asp.Net, C# .Net
§  SQL Server 2005
§  IIS 5.0 or Above

Proposal/synopsis or project according to ignou guide line with CANDIDATE’S DECLARATION, CERTIFICATE,CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
In this project Synopsis + Project + Source Code available only.

Synopsis/Proposal Download

Project + Source Code Download

Note :- In project, change the 'red text' according by your details