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Tuesday 25 August 2020

IGNOU MCA MCS-051 term-end exam notes,important questions,upcoming guess papers,books/blocks free download

IGNOU MCA MCS-051 5th semester term-end examination (ADVANCED INTERNET
TECHNOLOGIES) books/block,term-end exam notes,upcoming guess paper,important questions,study materials,previous year papers download.
IGNOU MCA MCS-051 term-end exam notes,important questions,upcoming guess papers,books/blocks,study materials free download

IGNOU BCA/MCA all semester new revised (1st semester,2nd semester,3rd semester,4th semester,5th semester and 6th semester) solved assignments,term-end exam notes,study materials,important questions,books/blocks (June-December) free download.


1. (a) What is SSL ? Describe briefly the two way SSL authentication mechanism.
(b) Describe the life cycle of a Java servlet explaining the events that happen at each stage.
(c) Can an EJB send a synchronous notifications to its clients ? How ?
(d) Discuss the life cycle of a Message Driven Bean.
(e) Outline the life cycle differences between the session and entity bean objects.
(f) There is a file "logo. jpg" in your computer in /user/etc. How will you include this in an XML document as an external entity ?
(g) (i) If data is altered during transit, what aspect of security has been breached ?
(ii) A is not allowed to view other people's salary. If he is able to do so, what aspect of security is compromised ?
(iii) What security problem arises if a server is loaded so much that it does not respond to requests ?

2. (a) What is EJB ? Discuss the architecture of EJB.
(b) Discuss the different interfaces associated with the EJB class files.
(c) List the restrictions on what the EJB's can do.

3. (a) What is a message driven bean ? What are its transactional capabilities ? When do we use it ?
(b) Illustrate the following with suitable examples for the XML document.
(i) XML Prolog
(ii) Processing Instructions

4. A student academic record database "STUDENT" has roll numbers, subject and marks stored in a
table "RESULT". Write a Java Program to connect to this database and point out a merit list
of students based on the total marks across all subjects.

5. (a) Discuss the HTTP Basic authentication with suitable example program.
(b) Discuss the class with suitable example program.


1. (a) What is the advantage of using an entity bean for database operations, over directly using JDBC API to do database operations ? When would you need to use one over the other ?
(b) Explain any two types of XML entities in brief.
(c) How do you invoke a Servlet ? What is the difference between doPost and doGet methods ?
(d) Write servlet code to use a form to authenticate a client using the session information stored in the HTTP session object in the web server. 
(e) Create a database of employees who are working for ABC company and then write a program using JSP and JDBC to display their names, departments and salaries which they are drawing from the company ?
(f) Explain JNDI Authentication with suitable example.

2. (a) Differentiate between the following :
(i) GET and POST
(ii) Servlet engines and Servlet chaining
(iii) Session and Cookies
(iv) XML and SGML
(v) Session bean and Entity bean
(b) Explain the different circumstances under which message driven bean can be used.

3. (a) Explain the different types of restrictions in EJB.
(b) Explain the life cycle of Servlet. Write a code for a demo Servlet to explain all the three stages of Servlet life cycle.
(c) Explain three different types of JDBC SQL statements.

4. (a) Explain different types of system vulnerabilities in detail.
(b) Differentiate between validating and non-validating parser.
(c) Draw a diagram to show security objects dependencies and explain each security object with the help of examples.

5. (a) Consider the following list of attributes :
Last name - mandatory
Middle name - optional
First name - mandatory
Phone - optional
e-mail - mandatory
Nationality - "Indian" in all cases
Write an XML DTD for the above.
(b) Explain the four call back methods of entity beans.
(c) Discuss any three system recovery procedures in detail.


1. (a) Explain the differences between JDBC and ODBC.
(b) Write a servlet code to fetch and display all the fields of PRODUCT table with attributes -product id, product name,product qty, product price, model and description.
(c) Explain the benefits offered by EJB component architecture to Application developers and customers, in brief.
(d) (i) Name any five JSP implicit objects and mention,the class they belong to.
(ii) Write a JSP code fragment to insert the following fields into a database after extracting them from an HTML form :
last name
(e) Differentiate between SGML and XML.

2. (a) What are the advantages of using Java's multiple layer security implementation ?
(b) Explain the different types of JDBC drivers along with their advantages and disadvantages.

3. (a) Differentiate between the following :
(i) Get vs Post
(ii) Generic Servlet vs http Servlets
(iii) Servlet Context vs Servlet Config
(iv) Stateful Session Bean vs Entity Bean
(v) Low Level Introspection vs High Level Introspection
(b) Explain various circumstances under which a message driven bean should be used.

4. (a) Assume that there is a table named CUSTOMER in MS-Access with fields - (Cust_id,Cust_name, Cust_phone and Cust_address). Write a code for servlet which will display all the fields of Customer Table in a tabular manner.
(b) Explain the different development goals of XML document.

5. (a) What are customs tags in JSP ? What are the components that make up a tag library in JSP ?
(b) Write an XML DTD to represent the grade card of a student which contains the following :
(i) Name - last, middle and first
(ii) Subject - five subjects
(iii) Marks
(iv) Grade
(v) Reserved Category (yes/no)
(c) Explain EAI layer software context architecture with diagram.

IGNOU MCA MCS-051 5th semester term-end examination (ADVANCED INTERNET
TECHNOLOGIES) term-end exam notes Download    

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