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Tuesday 18 August 2020

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-015 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

IGNOU BCA/MCA all semester new revised (1st semester,2nd semester,3rd semester,4th semester,5th semester and 6th semester) solved assignments,term-end exam notes,study materials,important questions,books/blocks (June-December) free download.
IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-015 term-end exam notes,upcoming guess papers,important questions free download

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-015 2nd semester term-end Examination (COMMUNICATION SKILLS) books/block,term-end exam notes,upcoming guess paper,important questions,study materials,previous year papers download.


1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given after it :
Growing at an annual compound rate of 40% for the past five years, the Information Technology industry has become one of the largest foreign exchange earners in India. During this period, growth achieved by the IT industry seems unattainable for many others in the current economic scenario.
The past five years have seen the Indian IT industry go through fundamental changes.Earlier, IT industry was equated with hardware,which was then the major bread earner. But now software accounts for more than half of the Industry's total revenue.The transition has not happened overnight. Some factors aiding to thedownfall of the hardware sector have been the following : Lack of government spending, adverse policies and the Y2K problem which has pumped in millions of dollars into software. The hardware sector faced with huge tariffs was forced into a corner in the early nineties, when manufacturing became unviable. This goaded Indian hardware companies into joint ventures with international majors for marketing their products in India. The sector still faces stiff competition from the unorganized sector.
(i) Give a suitable title for the passage.
(ii) What is unique about the IT industry in the present economic scenario ?
(iii) Why did the IT industry go through a fundamental change ?
(iv) What are the major factors responsible for the downfall of the hardware sector ?
(v) Pick out suitable synonyms from the passage for the following words :
yearly, vital, change, compelled.

2. Fill in the blanks choosing the most suitable phrasal verb from those given below :
(Make changes in the form of the verbs where necessary) blow up, ask around, bring up, chip in, get along,fall down.
(i) I........... but nobody had seen my wallet.
(ii) The racing car........... after it crashed into the fence.
(iii) His grandparents ........him.........after the death of his parents.
(iv) If everyone.............. , we can get the kitchen painted by noon.
(v) I was surprised how well my new girlfriend and my sister...........

3. Write down the text of a group discussion between three participants on the issue of `Changing role of Indian women'.

4. Write a letter of application along with your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the job of a Tele-caller
in response to the following advertisement :
Position : Tele-caller
Job-profile : Graduation Degree
Good Communication Skills
Knowledge of Company's
profile and products i.e. HCL

5. You are Akshat Khanna, Head, Publicity Division, Hindustan Times. Write a memo to all
the sales executives to come for a review meeting on July 20th with a detailed activity report of all
the assignments and targets achieved by them in the last quarter.


1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given after it.
The lives of people all over the world are generally influenced by the climate of the country
in which they live. For example, climatic conditions have an effect on the sort of clothes
people wear. In a cold climate, warm clothes are required, and materials for making such clothes
are provided by the animals found in cold countries. Similarly, people in hot countries wear
silk and cotton, which grows easily in hot climates. Climate also decides the type of houses
people live in; in hot climate, flat roofs and wide verandahs are suitable but in cold countries,
sloping roofs and thick walls are required. Food is also the product of climatic conditions. People
eat what is easily cultivated.
In general, the hottest parts of the world are those nearest to the Equator, but other factors also have an influence upon climate.Distance from the sea is important since it will influence temperature, rainfall and humidity.Height is also a vital factor. Places at high altitude are always cooler than places at the sea level in the same latitude. Physical features such as mountains, which may stop the passage of cold winds and cause rainfall, also have an effect on the climate.
(a) In what ways does the climate influence the lives of people in a country ?
(b) Who provides the materials for warm clothes in a cold climate ?
(c) How does altitude of a place influence its climate ?
(d) What type of houses are suitable for people in a hot climate ?
(e) In what ways do physical features influence the climate of a place ?

2. Do as directed :
(i) The dog jumped........... the table. (on/upon)
(ii) She was married.......... the age of twenty. (in/at)
(iii) The weather of Delhi is warm than of Amritsar. (Correct the sentence)
(iv) India lifted the Cricket World Cup in 2011.(Change the active voice)
(v) Hind Swaraj was written in the year 1909.(Add a question tag)

3. Write a letter of acceptance with a request for relaxation for a month in the joining period. The
details of the company and the job are given below :
Company :     New Horizons Pvt. Ltd.187, Paharganj, New Delhi
Dated :       15 June, 2011
Post :        Head, Sales Division
Starting Salary :     Rs.35,000/- per month
Joining date :       22 June, 2011
Signed by :      Director, New Horizons Pvt. Ltd.

4. What is the difference between note-taking and keeping minutes of a meeting ? Write an
extended note on the process of minute-taking and why it is necessary to keep minutes of a

5. Prepare a report on the Tech-expo which you visited recently.
Below are the notes that you may use for your report :
• 15 June, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
• Inauguration by Prime Minister
• Attended by a host of national and international delegates
• Display of new technologies from many countries

• P-V, VI series attracted everybody

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-015 2nd semester term-end Examination (COMMUNICATION SKILLS) term-end exam notes Download          

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