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Wednesday 18 March 2020

IGNOU BDP/B.A (Public Administration) Solved Assignments july-january 2019-20 download

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IGNOU BDP/B.A (Public Administration) Solved Assignments


EPA-01/BPAE-101  (Administrative Theory) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..   

EPA-02/BPAE-102  (Indian Administration) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..     

EPA-03/BPAE-103  (Development Administration) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

EPA-04/BPAE-104  (Personnel Administration) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..     

EPA-05/BPAE-105  (Financial Administration) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..       

EPA-06/BPAE-106  (Public Policy) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

EPA-01/BPAE-101  (प्रशासनिक सिद्धांत) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

EPA-02/BPAE-102  (भारतीय प्रशासन Hindi Medium) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..       

EPA-03/BPAE-103  (विकास प्रशासन) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..       

EPA-04/BPAE-104  (कार्मिक प्रशासन) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

EPA-05/BPAE-105  (वित्तीय प्रशासन) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

EPA-06/BPAE-106  (लोक नीति) solved assignment 2019-20 soon..      

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